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After creating your vendor profile and setting up your calendar, you can now create listings for each of the service that you offer. This is an important feature of Zowedo as it helps you offer different kind of services and pricing to cater for all your customers. At the same time, you are using your calendar to manage your availability across all these different listings. You can now manage your business easily and focus on the most important, earning money!

Zowedo offers different kind of services types:

  • Single service: this is a one time event/service
  • Group Class: this type of service is offered to a specified number of customers
  • Package: coming soon!

The key specifics of a listing are:

  • The service
  • Duration
  • Price

If you offer maths lessons, you can for example create the following listings:

  • Single Maths Lesson 1-1, Primary Student, 1 hour, $70
  • Singe Maths Lesson 1-1, Primary Student, 2hours, $120
  • Single Maths Lesson 1-1, University Student, 1 hour, $90
  • Group Class, Max 4 students, 2 hours, $50

There is a endless list of possibilities!

While it is good to offer choices to your customers, we recommend that you only create  reasonable number of services in order not to confuse your customer.

To start creating a listing, click the button “Create Listing”

  1. Select the type of service you want to create: Single Service, Class, Package
  2. Service name:
    • This is maybe the most important as it is shown to customers on the main page.
    • Use simple words, keep it short,
    • Make sure it includes all key information of your service: What is it? How long? Where is the service happening
  3. What to expect:
    • This is where you explain more about yourself and the service you will provide.
    • You can detail your experience for this specific service: 10 years experience as a school maths teacher for example
    • Tell your customer what they/you will do or learn.
  4. What’s included
    • In this section, you can clearly specify what is included in the service.
    • It is important to provide as much details as you can to avoid potential dispute with customers
    • Will you bring some tool or equipments, does it include spare parts, do you provide drinks/food, is there a changing room…
  5. What’s not included
    • Similarly, it is important to provide as much details as you can to avoid potential dispute with customers
    • Tell customers what they should bring: water/food, towel, change of clothes.
    • Clearly specify the limitation of your service: spare parts will be billed separately, the repair may require follow-up session which will be billed separately.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    • Easy: Customer can cancel and reschedule easily
    • Fair: Customer may be able to cancel and reschedule before the event
    • Strict: Customer can hardly cancel or reschedule
    • Check the detailed Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy here
  7. Price
    • Price is what customer is paying
    • Discount:
      • You can specify a discount in $ or % that will be shown to the customer on your service offer.
      • The vendor is sponsoring the discount.
      • Customer will pay the price minus the discount
    • Service Fee: this is the platform fee that Zowedo is charging to the vendor on each successful transaction. This fee may vary. Please refer to our latest Terms and Conditions for the most up to date information.
    • Take home fee: this is what you will be paid for this service. It is equal to the price minus the discount and service fee.
  8. Home services or vendor location
    • Select home services if you provide this service at the customer location
    • Select vendor location if you provide this service to your own venue or a venue that you selected, for example a gym or swimming pool.
    • If you provide home service, you can specify in which districts in Singapore you are offering it.
  9. Duration
    • How long is the service provided?
    • If the service you offer is not requiring a fixed duration, for example fixing a water leak, you will still have to enter an estimated duration for the service. This time is used to maintain your calendar. Make sure that you clearly specify what is your service in the section “what’s included”.
  10. Quantity
    • Quantity is number of services offered in a package.
    • For single services and classes, it is defaulted to 1.
  11. Max number of participant
    • For classes, you have to specify what is the maximum number of participant.
  12. Validity date
    • You can specify a end date to offer this service.
    • This is the date after which customer won’t be able to book this service
    • Customer can book this service before the deadline for a scheduled time after the deadline.
    • It can be used to offer time-bound promotions
  13. Deadline to book a service
    • You may not be able to accept customer at the last minute.
    • You can set a deadline to book a service. After this deadline, which is a length of time before the scheduled start time of the event, customers won’t be able to book it.
    • For group classes, we invite you not to set a deadline so customer can join your class at the last minute.
  14. Fixed schedule or flexible
    • If you want to offer this service at specific date and time, select fixed schedule. For example for a yoga class.
    • Otherwise, you can decide to offer a service anytime if you are available. For example Maths tutoring sessions.

15. Select a category

  • You can select multiple sub-categories in one main category
  • If you are not sure or do not find a category, you can select “Other”. We are reviewing listings in this category “Others” and try our best to find or create a suitable category for those.


16. Photos and Videos

  • The main photo is the one displayed on Zowedo marketplace and your service page. Choose your best picture.
  • It should clearly represent what you are offering. Is it yoga, is it Maths tuition, handyman service.
  • You can ad more pictures and videos that would help customers understand what you are offering.


You can then submit your listing application for approval. We will do our best to update you on your application within 2 working days.

Why listing a service requires an approval?

  • We want to make sure that only authorised services are listed on our platform to maintain a family friendly environment
  • We want to help our vendor to market their product and increase their sales. In order to do that, your profile and listings must be perfects. We will review your pictures, videos and content and provide you feedbacks if some changes must be made before publication.

You can check the status of your pending listings here:


Once a listing has been approved, the status is changed to active and customer can see it and book it. Remember to maintain your availability or schedule it if you offer it at fixed schedule only.