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After creating an account on Zowedo, the next step is to create your vendor profile. When you login the first time, you will have the option to enter all required information through our on-boarding process. You can save and skip the on-boarding process but you will have to enter all required information before you can start selling services on Zowedo.

1. The first step is to confirm if you are a self-employed individual or a registered company.

2. We will then ask you to fill some personal informations, but do not worry, those remain privates and confidential. You can go to the next screen by clicking Next or skip this step. You can see your progress on the left panel.

3. We are asking you to upload a copy of your ID as part of our verification process. Don’t worry, we will ensure that it remains safe and confidential. This is to ensure that we only allow quality vendors and services on Zowedo. The vendor providing the service must be the one registered on Zowedo.

4. Add the languages you are speaking well.

5. Choose how you would like to be paid for your services. We currently only offer a bank transfer to your account but we will be launching new options soon. You bank details must match exactly your account information. If you are not sure, please ask you bank for these details.

6. Tell us more about yourself or about your company.

  • You can provide one or several fixed address where you usually provide services. For example a gym or yoga studio.
  • You can also specify if you provide services at customer’s home.
  • If you provide home services, it is very important to clearly specify in which district you are willing to provide these services.

7. The next section is the most important as these information are shown to your potential customers. You have to present your services succinctly to catch the eyes of customers.

  • The main description describe your service in general, are you a fitness trainer, a handyman, a tutor?
  • You can then describe yourself and the service you provide. Give some information on your education and past experience.
  • You can also link your own website and social media accounts.

8. You have to upload or take a photo of yourself. The photo has to match with your ID so we can be sure that you are you. This photo will be shown to all your customers, so choose it wisely.

9. You can upload your company logo as well.

10. You can also upload more photos and videos that feature the kind of service you provide.

11. If you entered all required information, you should be all set to get started on Zowedo. The next steps are to setup your calendar then create services.

12. If you forgot to enter some information, you will be able to see what is missing on the left menu. Click on the item not complete and you will see clearly which information is mandatory and not entered.