Schedule Services at Fixed Dates/Times


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If you offer services at a specific date and time, you can schedule it as below. This feature can be used for fixed schedule classes, for example a weekly yoga class.

First, go to your calendar, then follow the steps below:

  1. Add Event
  • Click/Touch the calendar or press the button “Add Event”
  • A pop up open on the calendar at the time you selected
  • You can adjust the date, time and duration


2. Select Event

  • You can select one of your listing if you created some
  • If the duration does not match, it will be automatically adjusted to the one of the listing you selected
  • You can also click other to block time for your own events



3. Location

  • The location is automatically populated from the listing you created

4. Repeat

  • You do not have to manually create or duplicate this schedule, you can simply choose to repeat it at a fixed frequency, for example weekly.

5. Modification and cancellation

  • If you reschedule a date, you will be asked if you want to modify the event selected or all following events
  • You can choose to modify one event or all future events.
  • Please use this functionality with care if you have existing booking.
  • Similarly, you can cancel 1 event or all future events. Please use this functionality with care. Please contact us if you have any question before cancellation as it may affect your customer badly.

6. Renew

  • Listing are only offered for the next 3 months
  • If you choose a repeat option, it will be repeated automatically until you either cancel the repeat option or cancel the listing